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Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)

   Length of Class        Monthly    or    Semesterly    or    Yearly (with 5% discount)

    30 minute class            $70            $280 & $350           $598.50

    45 minute class            $75             $300 & $375          $641.25

    60 minute class            $75             $300 & $375          $641.25

    75 minute class            $80             $320 & $400           $684

    90 minute class            $85             $340 & $425           $726.75


Tuition & Fees

Semester and Annual payments are the most convenient way to pay for dance lessons and a great way to avoid paying late fees.  Anyone unable to make a semester payment may pay tuition in 9 equal payments, due the 1st of every month from September – May. Tuition is late after the 10th.  A $10.00 late fee will be charged on the 11th. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $25.00.  Tuition checks should be made payable to studio B.   Credit cards are accepted for tuition payments.  UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, ALL ACCOUNTS WILL BE SET UP FOR AUTOMATIC CHARGE. Let the studio know your billing preference (annual, semester or monthly) at the time of registration.  There will be no reduction or refund for missed classes.  Students who miss a class may make up by attending another class of the same age or level in the fall semester. However, make-ups will not be helpful during spring semester due to specific recital choreography. Online payments may be made here.


Registration & Performance Fees

Registration Fee: An annual registration fee of $50 per student, $70 per two students, or $90 per three or more students is due at time of registration.

Holiday Show Fees: A recital fee of $60 per student and a costume rental fee of $40 per costume are due at registration. The recital fee includes 4 tickets to the show. Holiday show fees are non-refundable after October 1. Siblings receive a $20 discount off their recital fee.

May Recital Fees: A recital fee of $60 per student, a costume fee per class of $70- $80 and a tights fee per costume $12 are due to the studio before Thanksgiving break. Payments can be made in full or a 50% deposit can be paid before Thanksgiving break with remaining balance due January 1.  Costume payments are non-refundable after costumes are ordered.   Siblings receive a $20 discount off their recital fee.


Family:  Families with two students receive a $5 discount per month. Families with three or more students receive a $10 discount per month.

Annual Payment:  If all 9-months of tuition are paid by the first day of class, 5% will be deducted off the total amount.

Tuition Cap:  When signing up for multiple classes, a cap of $275/month per student will be applied.  Any student reaching the cap may take any additional classes for free.