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This past weekend marked studio B’s BLITZ Competition Team’s very first competition of 2013! Since August, 10 of studio B’s most dedicated dancers have spent countless hours in the studio taking dance classes to improve their technique, rehearsing choreography for group dances, and working privately with instructors on solos, duos, and trios.


We are so impressed with the amount of strength and grace the dancers represented studio B. We couldn’t be more proud of their fierce determination, positive attitudes (despite the lack of sleep!), and wonderful dancing. We’re happy to announce that “Me Ole Bamboo” placed in the Top 3 for Ruby Small Group, “Who’s Got the Pain” placed 4th overall in the Ruby Small Group, and Lauren Bush and Kendall Platt’s solos placed in the Top 10 for Ruby Teen Solo.


Here are some of our favorite photos from the weekend! Check out more on studio B’s Instagram.



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