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May Recital


All dance classes will prepare for an end-of-year recital during the spring semester of each year.  This performance is optional but all students are encouraged to participate.



April 23-28, 2018 – Picture Days at Studio B

April 30, 2018 – Recital Program Ads Due

May 12, 2018 – Combo 2/3 Recitals at Studio B

Monday, May 14 & Tuesday, May 15, 2018- Combo 3/4 & up – Recital Rehearsals at SMU, McFarlin Auditorium
Wendesday, May 16 & Thursday, May 17, 2018- Combo 3/4 & up – Recitals at SMU, McFarlin Auditorium


Photo Day Assignments: All dance classes have been assigned a picture day between April 23-28th. Each class will get an individual email reminding them of their time and how/if it will impact their class that week.


UPDATED: British Invasion May 2018 Recital Packet: With 450 students participating in our May Recital, there are many moving parts and it will make a huge difference if everyone has read through the recital packet in advance.  Thank you for all that you do for your dancer and our studio!

WEDNESDAY SHOW: Backstage volunteer Sign-Up

THURSDAY SHOW: Backstage volunteer Sign-Up


Rehearsal Day & Time Assignments: All dance classes have been assigned to one rehearsal day. Please wear regular class attire to these rehearsals.

May Recital Day Assignments: All dance classes have been assigned to the Wednesday or Thursday show (and corresponding Monday or Tuesday rehearsal). 


Recital Program Ads: Form due April 30th 

En Fleur Flowers: order info HERE




Costume Order Form: All dancers have been sent home with this half sheet late October/early November. This form must be returned to the studio by November 16th.



Rehearsals and Recital location:

SMU, McFarlin Auditorium

6405 Boaz Ln, Dallas, TX 75205


Click “view larger map” to get directions directly from your home:


Combo 2-3 Baby Recital Info & Location:

Combo 2-3 Recital Packet May 2018– Please read to find ALL details (costume details, assigned show time, etc)



At Studio B

2108 Kidwell St Dallas, TX 75214