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Class Descriptions

Ballet/Tap Combo (Ages 2 – 5)

Combination dance classes are divided into 4 age groups based on gross motor development and skill level in all dance forms.  These basic beginning classes combine ballet and tap technique and become more advanced as the child’s age, mind and ability develop. These classes will prepare for a December Holiday Show and the May Recital.



Ballet,Tap & Pre-Jazz Combo (Ages 5 – 6)

Kinder Combo classes are 60 minutes and combine ballet, tap and jazz technique. These classes will prepare a routine for the December Holiday show and the May Recital.

Jazz & Tap Combo (Ages 6-7)

Jazz & Tap Combo classes are 75 minutes and combine jazz and tap technique. These classes will prepare a routine for the December Holiday show and the May Recital

Ballet (Ages 6+)

Ballet is the most beneficial class a dancer can take, no matter the age or experience.  All ballet classes focus on classical technique at the barre, centre and across the floor.  In addition to attitude and strengthening, ballet students learn classical and contemporary choreography.  Discipline and focus are both very important in ballet class and are expected at all ages. All Ballet classes will prepare a routine for the December Holiday Show and the May Recital.


*Advanced Ballet, Pre Pointe, and Pointe classes are available for Levels III+ and must be taken in conjunction with another ballet class. Advanced Ballet is strongly encouraged for company and competition team members.

Tap (Ages 7+)

Tap is a fun, upbeat dance style that is beneficial in the development of musicality, rhythm and technique.  Students learn to listen to the music and coordinate movement and tap sounds to its rhythm.

Jazz (Ages 7+)

Jazz dance has evolved from the classical technique of ballet but is expressed through more upbeat music and quicker movements. The style and feel of the music determines the style of dance.  Our jazz classes’ movement ranges from Broadway jazz to contemporary jazz and to the latest jazz funk!

Lyrical (Ages 7+)

Lyrical is a dance form which combines techniques and skills from ballet, jazz and modern. Students will learn how lyrical dance emphasizes interpretation of music lyrics to tell a story with movement that can be fluid or abstract. 

Musical Theatre (Kinder+)


Musical Theatre focuses on the acting, singing and dancing.  Students learn the choreography and roles portrayed in popular musicals. The fall semester focus is musical theatre technique with heavy concentration on dance.  The spring semester focus is the chosen musical selection to be performed in the stage recital in May.

Hip Hop (Ages 5+)

Hip Hop is a jazz style of dancing with complex arm and footwork that mimics the classic street-style hip-hop that originated in New York City.  studio B’s version of hip-hop is age-appropriate.

Acro (Ages 5+)

Acro tricks such as aerials (front and side), walk-overs, handsprings, tucks have made their way into the world of dance.  This class focuses on these tricks and passes using spring mats and spotting assistance from instructor.  This class is technique only and does not have a dance for any performance.



Company B (Competition Team)

The COMPANY B mission is to ignite passion for dance and promote confidence, self-expression and a sense of community.  COMPANY B is a select group of dancers trained in ballet, tap and jazz. Company members are dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, and hard working. COMPANY B dancers are expected to represent Studio B in a positive way, both in and outside of dance class. Each Company B dancer and parent are required to sign a contract to ensure that each team member and family understands the importance of dedication and commitment to the team and the studio for the entire season, August-July.

Company auditions will take place during the Company Summer Intensives.   Company group assignments will be determined after these intensives are over.  At the beginning of the intensive, you may let us know if you would like your dancer to be considered for the Competition Company. Read more about Company Intensives here.


Competition Team:

Competition team groups are comprised of dancers with outstanding skills and the willingness to devote more time to individual and group dance performance. Competition team requires a strong commitment, hard work, dedication, passion for dance and drive for self-improvement. In addition to the COMPANY B performance schedule, competition team dancers travel to 3 spring competitions and 1 summer competition each year.



Competition 5.75 hrs (3 days)


Competition 6 hrs (3 days)


Competition 7 hrs (3 days)

TEEN (AGES 12&up)

Competition 7 hrs (3 days)